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Build wearable and IOT user experiences leveraging our vast library of ready made widgets. We support design by prototyping approach where all stages from concepting to ready product use the same platform.

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Create beautiful
user interfaces

Koru framework highly suitable for custom wearable devices and IOT terminals. Each brand can have its unique look. Delivering stunning experiences is now possible on cost efficient hardware.


Wide OS kernel support: Android, RTOS, NetBSD, Linux. Wide graphic engine support: OpenGL ES, OpenVG and Framebuffer. We are fully natively integrated with ST Microelectronics Chrom-ART hardware accelerator. Broad support saves development time and effort.

Small core size
for fast performance

Engineered to enable great user experience on very limited micro controller powered hardware. System core is only 128 kB and enables smooth 60fps performance.

Realise your imagination —
you can make all of these products possible

KoruLab, wearable software

Build smaller &
different products

Lean and fast code is at the root of small and beautiful hardware. Our platform scalability ensures same code can run in different product categories.

Battery life for 24/7

Great experience do not have to be power-hungry, you can achieve week of battery life with a vivid rich user experience.

Have it your style —
amplify product variants

Koru UI framework is designed to be customized for various product categories and styles. Contact us and we can together make your product in your style faster than expected.

KoruLab, wearable software

Christian Lindholm,
Koru CEO introduces the Koru OS platform and some wearable demo user interfaces...


KoruLab, wearable software

Koru UI framework performance demo on a standard off-the-shelf board with an ARM Cortex-M4, 256kB internal SDRM and 2 MB internal flash


KoruLab, wearable software

KoruLab, wearable software
Koru framework is running on the STM32F7 microcontroller. Enabling creation of stunning IOT and wearable devices.

KoruLab, wearable software
Koru framework running on ARMs Cortex M7 Microcontroller.

KoruLab, wearable software
Koru platfrom overview for Embedded World 2015


Wearables curved for the human body

Electronics will be shaped according to the body, not the production line. Style and functionality will shine in vivid curved displays.

Experience with personality and flair drive

In the years to come jewelry, emotions and style become software through beautiful experiences. Utility will be encoded like Gortex keeps you dry.

Market is here

The market is starting in health and wellness, but will migrate to all aspects of life eventually becoming a soulmate — a device knowing more than you know about yourself.

KoruLab, wearable software

Koru showcasing in exclusive company

August, 2015

Koru was selected among an exclusive group of software companies to showcase their state-of-the-art platform at ARMs Annual Partner Meeting in Cambridge. This global meeting brings together ARMs eco-system and influencers. Koru co-founders Christian Lindholm and Terho Niemi was showing wearable demos runnning on limited power hardware.

The demo is smooth as silk on the Cortex M4 using STM32F469 in a 320x320 resolution. With this kind of hw and software performance builing a one week batterylife on a small wearable is completely feasible.

We dream of social jewelry. Built for the individual taste and style and shaped to match the human body.



in wearable computing

software developer

You love work on the next big thing. You would join our highpower team to build beautiful software experiences for next generation of wearables. You build user interfaces, apps and help to evolove the framework. Work is done either in Otaniemi or at customers’ premises.

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software developer

Working with us gives you a unique insight to the world of wearable software. You get to help build some of the defining wearables. Work will take place at our customers premises or our offices in Otaniemi.

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KoruLab, wearable software

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